Make sure that the cistern is installed horizontally and without tension.

How do I set up my Grandesys cistern correctly?

1) Adjust the water pressure on the tap
You can adjust the water pressure on the red water pressure valve. You can find it on the float valve at the connection for the water supply. When looking from above, you will need to move the red lever towards the yellow cover to relieve the pressure. If you move the lever in the opposite direction, you increase the pressure.

2) Set the correct consumption
The Grandesys cistern holds water volumes between 3 and 9 liters. To change the water volume, the float valve must be turned in the lower area. You can then push the valve together or pull it apart to set the desired water level.

3) Adjusting the float
Fill the cistern with water. Place the yellow guide ring for the blue float on the waterline and choose between 3 and 9 liters of water. To do this, loosen the red lock and then fix it again. Then you can turn the white screw to adjust the float perfectly so that the float valve properly stops the water supply and no more water runs into the cistern.