Terms of Service

§ 1 Scope, customer information
The following general terms and conditions regulate the contractual relationship between 4SCC GmbH and consumers and entrepreneurs who purchase goods through our shop. We do not accept any conditions that conflict with or deviate from our terms and conditions. The contract language is German.

§ 2 Conclusion of contract
The offers on the Internet represent a binding offer to you to purchase goods.

After entering your data and clicking the order button, you accept this offer to conclude a purchase contract.

§ 3 Customer information: Storage of your order data
We will save your order with details of the contract concluded (e.g. type of product, price, etc.). However, you do not have access to your past orders via the Internet. We will send you the General Terms and Conditions, but you can also access the General Terms and Conditions at any time via our website. If you would like to save the product description on our shop page for your own purposes, you can, for example, take a screenshot (= screen photograph) at the time of ordering or alternatively print out the entire page.

§ 4 Customer information: Correction notice
You can correct your entries at any time before placing the order using the delete button. We will inform you about further correction options as you go through the ordering process. You can also end the ordering process completely at any time by closing the browser window.

§ 5 Return Policy
When purchasing mail-order goods, we grant consumers a right of return instead of the right of withdrawal. Details of the Return Policy, please refer to the return policy.

§ 6 Limitation of your warranty claims
Warranty towards consumers for used goods Your claims due to defects in used goods expire one year from the handover of the sold item to you. Excluded from this regulation are claims for damages, claims due to defects that we fraudulently concealed, and claims arising from a guarantee that we have given for the quality of the item. For these excluded claims, the statutory limitation periods apply.

Warranty towards entrepreneurs Your warranty claims due to defects in the purchased item expire one year from the transfer of risk. Excluded from this regulation are claims for damages, claims due to defects that we fraudulently concealed, and claims arising from a guarantee that we have given for the quality of the item. The right of recourse according to 478 BGB is also excluded. For these excluded claims, the statutory limitation periods apply..

§ 7 Limitation of Liability
We exclude liability for slightly negligent breaches of duty, provided that these do not concern essential contractual obligations, damages resulting from injury to life, body or health or guarantees or claims under the Product Liability Act. The same applies to breaches of duty by our vicarious agents and our legal representatives. The essential contractual obligations include, in particular, the obligation to hand over the item to you and to provide you with ownership of it. Furthermore, we must provide you with the item free of material and legal defects.

§ 8 Commercial place of jurisdiction
The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this contract is our place of business if you are a merchant.

§ 9 Assembling the product
The customer undertakes to ensure professional installation.

§ 10 translations
Grandesys is offered in some European countries via the Grandesys.at website. The translations may differ from the German texts.

§ 11 goods
If goods are damaged, goods that have already been used or are contaminated or parts of the goods are missing (accessories, installation parts), we reserve the right to withhold the purchase price in full for any costs we incur (cleaning, repair of damage).

§ 12 packaging
If you no longer have the original packaging or it is no longer usable, ensure that you use stable and suitable packaging to provide sufficient protection against transport damage when returning the item. If the return packaging is not stable and suitable to protect the goods from transport damage during return and this results in damage to the returned goods, we reserve the right, depending on the type and extent of the damage, to withhold the purchase price in part or in full.

§ 13 Shipping

The bThe product is created by us Oduly shipped by DPD, DHL or Post etc. If the package is not accepted by the buyer upon delivery by the sales partners and is returned to Grandesys , become dem Buyer charged for the costs of re-shipment. If the package not accepted by the buyer is returned to Grandesys by the delivery service, this is considered a cancellations bcreated productss and must be ordered again. The costs incurred (processing fees How Backversand, Time expenditure and re-processing the order will be invoiced to the customer and to the buyer upon return processing of purchase price to be transferred back of the goods already paid for deducted.