• GRANDESYS: The toilet cistern with an integrated washbasin


GRANDESYS: The toilet cistern with an integrated washbasin





The GRANDESYS combination cistern with integrated wash basin

The smartest washbasin-cistern combination in the world!

Most people have little thought about choosing a cistern for their toilet. Perhaps they can simply have the toilet installed by an installer or quickly buy the products that are currently in stock at the hardware store. But if you value the ecological use of water in your toilet or have to take special spatial conditions into account, you will quickly face difficult decisions:

– Where can you mount a sink in a narrow toilet?
– How can you use a toilet with gray water (process water)?
– Do I need an installer for the assembly?

The perfect sink for small toilets

Do you know this problem: You would like a sink in your toilet, but you simply cannot find a place for it. Because even the sinks with the smallest depth usually protrude more than 20 cm into the room - and are then also expensive..

With the combination cistern from GRANDESYS, you no longer have to search for small sinks and complicated installation options in your toilet. Thanks to the integration in the cistern, the sink takes up no space. And thanks to the compact dimensions of 38 cm in width and 17.5 cm in depth, the combi cistern fits into every toilet.

Your guest toilet could use a sink? Then try the GRANDESYS combi cistern and convince yourself of our unique solution.

Use your toilet with grey water.

n Central Europe, there is not much concern about this topic, since there is no water shortage in most places. In other countries, however, water is precious and the use of gray or industrial water is necessary.

But what is gray water anyway? As the name suggests, greywater is no longer very clear. It is always produced when drinking water is used for washing, for example when showering, washing clothes or washing hands in the sink. It would be a shame to simply pour it away because this water is ideal for use in the cistern. But anyone who has ever tried to catch it in a tub and fill it in later knows how tediously environmentally correct behavior can be.

This is exactly where the concept of the GRANDESYS combi cistern comes into play. Due to the combination of the sink and the cistern, the water is always used twice: first for washing hands, then for rinsing. A person in Central Europe uses about 2-3 liters of water a day to wash their hands. The potential of saving water in a 2-person household with the GRANDESYS combi cistern therefore amounts to up to 2,000 liters of drinking water a year.

Spülkasten schnell und einfach installieren

In order to be able to offer our cistern as cheaply as possible, we use international standard dimensions: 1/2 inch for the water inlet and 50 mm diameter for the downpipe. Any adapters for these connections are available in every hardware store. A suspension for the cistern and matching screws and dowels are included in the product scope. Installation of the cistern is quick and easy - and the right wash basin is included.

Let the GRANDESYS combi cistern convince you. Order now!